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Congratulations to the

Frozen Casts!

I am so proud of each and every one of you.

I can't wait to get started on the show. Please read the cast

list completely as some students have multiple parts.



Frozen Cast A


Sven- Alivia

Little Anna- Amelia

Little Elsa- Izabella S.

Middle Elsa- Mackenzie P

Middle Anna- Fiona F

Anna- Megan


Pabbie- Marissa

Bulda- Zoe G

Hans- Ellie

Olaf- Zelda

Trolls- Alicia, Max

King Agnar- Zelda

Queen Iduna- Daphne

Bishop- Madison

Weselton- Juliana

Snow Ensemble/Trolls- Zoey D, Isabelle L, Sofia S, Abigail, Amelia, Izabella S, Mackenzie P, Fiona F

Townspeople/Summer Chorus- Jolene, Madison, Selena, Hannah C, Thea, Madison, Riley, Briella

Storyteller 1- Selena

Storyteller 2- Riley

Storyteller 3- Hannah C

Storyteller 4- Thea

Frozen Cast  B


Sven- Jayden

Little Anna- Harper

Little Elsa- Coco

Middle Elsa-Eleanor

Middle Anna- Brooklyn

Anna- Carsyn

Elsa- Sierra

Pabbie- Brody

Bulda- Briar

Hans- Everly

Olaf- Samantha

King Agnar- Samantha

Queen Iduna- Aria

Bishop- Aria

Weselton- Tyler

Snow Ensemble/Trolls- Ivey, Olivia, Ellie G, Brooklyn, Coco, Harper, Eleanor

Townspeople/Summer Chorus- Lola, Camila, Emma, Fiona, Shiloh, Jane, Wilkie, Alessandra

Storyteller 1- Jane

Storyteller 2- Alessandra

Storyteller 3- Fiona

Storyteller 4- Shiloh

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