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Congratulations to the

Guys and Dolls Cast!

I am so proud of each and every one of you.

I can't wait to get started on the show. Please read the cast

list completely as some students have multiple parts.

Guys and Dolls Promo.jpg

Guys and Dolls  Cast

Nathan Detroit: Evan Ireland

Miss Adelaide: Amanda Kawamoto

Sky Masterson- Christian King

Benny Southstreet: Anthony DeGeeter

Rusty Charlie: Brighley Neve

Arvide Abernathy: Zack Greenberg

Lieutenant Branningan: Holden Schaffner (Weekend 1)

Oliver Cohen (weekend 2)

Sarah Brown: Addison Beavers

Agatha, Calvin (lines): Lennon Haptor

Mimi: Lennon Haptor

Nicely Nicely Johnson: Ava Beavers

Harry The Horse: James McMartin

Big Jule: Nathaniel Warner

General Cartwright: Mika Montesquieu

Master of Ceremonies (from offstage) Anthony DeGeeter

Gambler 1, Liver Lips Louie: Liam  Marin

Gambler 2, Society Max, Angie The Ox: Ryder Ford

Dancers "For Luck Be A Lady": 

Liam, Mika, Oliver, Olivia(Week 1)Felicity (week 2), Anthony, Lennon

Dancers "For Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat"

All gambler characters

Top Hat Dancers: Mika, Addi, Lennon, Olivia (week 1) Felicity (week 2)

Mission Band: Zack, Lennon, Liam, Addison, Mika, Oliver

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