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101 Dalmations.png

Young performers

101 Dalmatians Kids

Join us for a show full of adventure and fun as Brightstar presents "101 Dalmatians Kids." Experience the delightful story of Roger, Anita, Pongo, Perdita, and their adorable pups, along with wonderful villains like Cruella DeVille and toe-tapping tunes!

This show is open to ages 5-10

Rehearsals: Tuesdays beginning August 27th

Session A: 3:00-4:15 Shows: December 13th, 14th

Session B: 4:30-5:45 Shows: December 20th, 21st

Cost: $275 (can be paid monthly @ $55 per month) 

Materials Fee $75 (due October 1st) 

Annie Jr.png

Advanced Classical Musical

Annie Jr


Join us for a heartwarming performance as our class presents the beloved musical "Annie." Follow the inspiring journey of the spirited orphan, Annie, as she searches for her family and discovers the true meaning of home. With unforgettable characters, catchy songs, and dazzling dance numbers, this production promises to entertain and uplift audiences of all ages. 

This club is open to ages 10 and up

Thursdays beginning August 29th 4:30-6:30

Shows: January 24th, 25th 31st February 1st

Cost: $275 (can be paid monthly @ $55 per month) 

Materials Fee $75 (due October 1st) 

addams family.jpg

Advanced Modern Musical

The Addams Family 

Get ready for a spooktacular performance as our class presents "The Addams Family." Join Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, and the rest of the delightfully macabre Addams clan in a heartwarming and hilarious musical that celebrates family and individuality. With catchy tunes, quirky characters, and plenty of eerie fun, this production promises to be an unforgettable experience!

This show is open to ages 12 and up

Rehearsals Wednesdays beginning August 28th

4:30-6:30 Shows February 21,22,28, March 1st.

Cost: $275 (can be paid monthly @ $55 per month) 

Materials Fee $75 (due October 1st) 

blue sapphire.jpg
Sketch Comedy show.jpg

Young performers'


The Legend Of The Blue Sapphire 

In this fun-filled drama workshop, young actors will embark on a whimsical journey through time and space with "The Legend of the Blue Sapphire," a hilarious non-musical play featuring a medley of zany characters, fantastical adventures, and laugh-out-loud moments. This course is designed to ignite imagination, foster teamwork, and develop performance skills as children bring to life a comedy that involves time travel, Loch Ness monsters, pirates, and more.

This show is open to ages 7-12

Rehearsals Mondays beginning August 26th  3:00-4:00

Shows November 22nd and 23rd at 6:30pm

Cost: $165 (can be paid monthly @ $55 per month)

Materials Fee $30 (Due October 1st)

Sketch Comedy

"The Sketch Comedy Show"  

Get ready to laugh out loud in our "Sketch Comedy workshop!" Unleash your creativity and sense of humor in this dynamic workshop where students will write and perform their own comedy sketches. From brainstorming hilarious ideas to bringing their creations to life, participants will learn the art of comedy through collaborative writing, improvisation, and performance techniques. Sketches will be filmed and aired at a screening.

This show is open to ages 9 and up

Rehearsals Mondays beginning August 26th

Screening November 15th @6:30pm

Cost: $165 (can be paid monthly @ $55 per month) 

Media Club

Explore Digital Storytelling! 

Join the Media Club and be a part of our creative team! Explore the exciting realms of podcasting, YouTube series, and short films with us. Dive into hands-on projects, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and gain valuable skills in communication, technology, and content creation. Together, we'll explore the art of storytelling in the digital age, sharing ideas, and  inspiration along the way. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's a place for you here to express yourself and bring your visions to life. Join our warm and welcoming community at the Media Club – where creativity knows no bounds!

This club is open to ages 12 and up

There Is No Fee to join!

website coaching graphic.jpg

One On One Theatre Coaching

With Ms. Brynn 

Step into the spotlight with Ms. Brynn, a seasoned acting coach with 18 years of youth theatre experience. In her private sessions, Brynn focuses on audition prep, confidence building, and character development, taking your skills to the next level. These private sessions are perfect for students to unleash their full acting potential. Perfect for stage and on-camera acting. Open to ages 7 and up. 

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